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Order Options

Minimum Quantity 1*
Quantity Limit 9999*
Minimum Amount 0.01*
Amount Limit 99999.99*
Allow $0.00 Orders
Merge Identical Cart Items
Send Email When
New Orders Arrive
  Send To
Last Order Number *
Increase each order number
by a random number between
* and   *
Show Special Instructions Field at Checkout? 
Allow Multiple Shipping Addresses? 
Clean Up was last run on ...
Run order clean up every 1* days      
Clean up carts older than 1* days
Clear CC numbers from completed orders older than 1* days
Send drop shipper notices on Authorization instead of on Charge
Default Order Manager Date Range Today This Week Last Week Last 31 Days Last 60 Days Last 120 Days Year To Date Last Year All Dates
Automatically Send Status Update Emails