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Drop Shipper Notice:
Mail Format Text HTML
From: *
Subject: *
Message: *
Line Item
Repeating Section
You can use the tags below in your message,subject,download and lineitem fields. They will be replaced by the actual values when the mail is sent.
[[logo]] Image URL to your site's logo
[[username]] Email address on the order
[[loginpage]] URL to your site's login page
[[homepage]] URL to your site's home page
[[timestamp]] Current date and time
[[adminlink]] URL to administrator site order details
[[ordernumber]] This order number
[[timeoforder]] Time the order was placed
[[status]] Current status of the order
[[specialinstructions]] Customer entered special insturctions
[[downloadinfo]] Inserts the file download section if needed
[[downloadkey]] File download key
[[downloadlink]] URL to your site's download page
[[items]] Inserts the repeating line item section
[[shipmethod]] Name of shipping method
[[paymentmethod]] Name of payment method
[[shippingaddress]] Inserts the full shipping address with line breaks
[[billingaddress]] Inserts the full billing address with line breaks
[[subtotal]] Order subtotal
[[taxtotal]] Order tax total
[[shippingtotal]] Order shipping total
[[handlingtotal]] Order handling fee total
[[shippingdiscounts]] Amount of discounts applied to shipping
[[orderdiscounts]] Amount of discounts applied to order
[[grandtotal]] Grand Total for this order
[[coupons]] Name of coupon used
[[billphone]] Phone Number associated with this order
[[shipfirstname]] First Name for Shipping
[[shiplastname]] Last Name for Shipping
[[shipaddress1]] Address for Shipping
[[shipaddress2]] Address Continued for Shipping
[[shipcity]] City for Shipping
[[shipstate]] State for Shipping
[[shipzip]] Postal Code for Shipping
[[shipcountry]] Country for Shipping
[[billfirstname]] First Name for Billing
[[billlastname]] Last Name for Billing
[[billaddress1]] Address for Billing
[[billaddress2]] Address Continued for Billing
[[billcity]] City for Billing
[[billstate]] State for Billing
[[billzip]] Postal Code for Billing
[[billcountry]] Country for Billing
These tags can be used in the repeating line item section. They will be replaced by the actual values for each product when the mail is sent.
[[item_name]] Product Name
[[item_sku]] Product SKU
[[item_attributes]] Product Options/Attributes Selected
[[item_price]] Price of one product
[[item_qty]] Qty Ordered
[[item_linetotal]] Subtotal of Price X Qty for this Line Item
[[item_discounts]] Amount of line item discounts
[[item_status]] Status of this item (shipped,in process,etc)
[[item_trackingnumber]] Tracking number for this item
[[item_trackinglink]] URL to tracking information