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Order Status Update E-Mail:
Mail Format Text HTML
From: *
Subject: *
Message: *
Line Item
Repeating Section
File Download
You can use the tags below in your message,subject,download and lineitem fields. They will be replaced by the actual values when the mail is sent.
[[logo]] Image URL to your site's logo
[[username]] Email address on the order
[[loginpage]] URL to your site's login page
[[homepage]] URL to your site's home page
[[timestamp]] Current date and time
[[adminlink]] URL to administrator site order details
[[ordernumber]] This order number
[[timeoforder]] Time the order was placed
[[status]] Current status of the order
[[specialinstructions]] Customer entered special insturctions
[[downloadinfo]] Inserts the file download section if needed
[[downloadkey]] File download key
[[downloadlink]] URL to your site's download page
[[items]] Inserts the repeating line item section
[[shipmethod]] Name of shipping method
[[paymentmethod]] Name of payment method
[[shippingaddress]] Inserts the full shipping address with line breaks
[[billingaddress]] Inserts the full billing address with line breaks
[[subtotal]] Order subtotal
[[taxtotal]] Order tax total
[[shippingtotal]] Order shipping total
[[handlingtotal]] Order handling fee total
[[shippingdiscounts]] Amount of discounts applied to shipping
[[orderdiscounts]] Amount of discounts applied to order
[[grandtotal]] Grand Total for this order
[[coupons]] Name of coupon used
[[billphone]] Phone Number associated with this order
[[shipfirstname]] First Name for Shipping
[[shiplastname]] Last Name for Shipping
[[shipaddress1]] Address for Shipping
[[shipaddress2]] Address Continued for Shipping
[[shipcity]] City for Shipping
[[shipstate]] State for Shipping
[[shipzip]] Postal Code for Shipping
[[shipcountry]] Country for Shipping
[[billfirstname]] First Name for Billing
[[billlastname]] Last Name for Billing
[[billaddress1]] Address for Billing
[[billaddress2]] Address Continued for Billing
[[billcity]] City for Billing
[[billstate]] State for Billing
[[billzip]] Postal Code for Billing
[[billcountry]] Country for Billing
These tags can be used in the repeating line item section. They will be replaced by the actual values for each product when the mail is sent.
[[item_name]] Product Name
[[item_sku]] Product SKU
[[item_attributes]] Product Options/Attributes Selected
[[item_price]] Price of one product
[[item_qty]] Qty Ordered
[[item_linetotal]] Subtotal of Price X Qty for this Line Item
[[item_discounts]] Amount of line item discounts
[[item_status]] Status of this item (shipped,in process,etc)
[[item_trackingnumber]] Tracking number for this item
[[item_trackinglink]] URL to tracking information