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The Encore is a versatile tandem design at home on both lakes and rivers. An ideal boat for family outings, it is roomy enough for a week-long expedition. The symmetrical shallow "v" hull configuration allows it to track straight on quiet or flat water while offering high maneuverability in moving water. The Encore has the stability that beginning paddlers want as well as the paddling and tracking behavior that more experienced paddlers appreciate. Composite construction gives it excellent glide characteristics. Even with selective reinforcement in critical areas, the Encore’s weight of just 65 lbs. is a plus for car-topping and portaging.

A Triumph of Craftsmanship

All our paddlecraft are built by the canoe craftsmen of Vermont ’s Mad River Valley, a region where canoe building is an art. Respected canoe designer Jim Henry collaborated with Vermont Canoe on the Encore’s design. From the lay-up of the fiberglass to the application of the gel coat finish to the fitting of the native ash gunwales, every step is carried out by skilled and experienced canoe craftsmen. All models feature gunwales of Vermont ash, contoured ash & cane seats and ash thwarts, yokes and carry handles. All hardware is stainless steel.

Our Logo: The Otter

You'll find Lutey, the river otter on the bow of every model. Playful and fun-loving river otters are also sleek and efficient in the water, qualities we build into every kayak or canoe.

Vermont Canoe and Kayak

Rob and Amy Scharges had a vision of reviving the art of canoe building in Vermont ’s Mad River Valley, former home of Mad River Canoe where Rob had been a regional sales representative. The pair founded Vermont Canoe and Kayak, enlisting veteran canoe craftsmen Greg Wagner and Jacob White-Rogers to oversee production. The first model, the 1 6 - foot Encore, hit the icy waters of the Mad in March 2004. Why the name Encore? “So many people encouraged us to bring back canoe building to this area, the name Encore says it all,” says Amy, who directs administration and planning. The Encore is available in fiberglass and now Kevlar® laminate construction, weighing 52lbs. The Big Tupper, our 12' solo Adirondack Pack Boat is available in Kevlar® laminate consturction and the Sokoki 14' tandem canoe is available in both Fiberglass and Kevlar® laminate construction this season.

Encore Specifications:

Style: 16 foot tandem ~ Construction: Fiberglass cloth ~ Hull shape: Shallow v, symmetrical, slight rocker ~ Length: 16’ 2 1/2” ~ Weight: 65 lbs.
Freeboard capacity: 1100 lbs. ~ Gunwale width: 35 1/2” ~ Waterline width: 32” ~ Depth at center: 13 1/2” ~ Bow height: 19 3/4” ~ Stern height: 18 5/8” ~ Colors: Green, Red, White

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