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Repairs and Restoration

Over the years, Jacob, Jr., and Rob have repaired hundreds of canoes and kayaks from Montana to Maine. Our repair services are revered as the best in the industry by manufacturers and canoe customers alike, as featured in Field and Stream magazine in 2001.

Vermont Canoe specializes in the repair and restoration of:

  • Royalex
  • Fiberglass
  • Kevlar
  • Carbon

Our services include:

  • Wood and synthetic gunwale replacement
  • Skid plate installation
  • Seat, yoke, thwart, carry handle, and deck replacement
  • Composite fracture repair
  • Gel coat repair and restoration
  • Royalex cold crack repair
  • Custom canoe outfitting: tripping, racing, whitewater
To many, a canoe becomes a close friend. Many great life experiences happen in a canoe and we take pride in restoring that “old friend” so it can continue providing great memories.

Please contact us directly at repairs@vermontcanoe.com or call us at 802-496-5889 to discuss your repair and arrange an estimate. Please note that replacement parts for repairs are subject to availability from the original equipment manufacturer.