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The Art of Canoe Building

Canoes built in the Mad River Valley have always enjoyed a reputation for superior craftsmanship and for performance that matched their good looks. The craft built by Vermont Canoe & Kayak continue this tradition. Every step in the process -- mold making, laying up of kevlar and Fiberglass cloth, the application of gel coat and the fitting of ash gunwales -- is performed by experienced canoe craftsmen.

All models feature gunwales of native Vermont Ash, contoured ash and cane seats, and ash thwarts, yokes, and carry handles. Stainless steel hardware is used throughout.



In the all new Tupper classic Adirondack packboat design meets durable, lightweigt Kevlar construction.

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This 14 foot tandem, 39 inches wide at the gunwales, has the stability and the volume that hunters, fishermen, and photographers look for in a canoe.

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The Encore is a versatile tandem design, a roomy 16 footer at home on lakes or in moving water.

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